10 Reasons A Kid Should Have A Cell Phone

10 Reasons A Kid Should Have A Cell Phone

10 Reasons A Kid Should Have A Cell Phone Cell phones have become an important instrument of modern living and not just for adults but even for children. Initially, when the cell phone was launched, it was considered an expensive gadget that should be handled only by adults.

This theory or opinion has taken a 360 degree turn, and now parents think that their children should be equipped with a cell phone.

The reason for such a dramatic shift in opinion, regarding cell phone usage by children, can be attributed to the rising crime rates. If children want to contact their parents during an emergency situation, the cell phone provides an instant communication link instead of looking around for a pay phone. Today, more and more parents are equipping their children with cell phones.

Equipping your child with a cell phone is the smartest decision any parent can make. However, ensure that your children don’t use their cell phones constantly and instead use them during emergency situations only. Modern day parents feel more secure knowing that their children can use their cell phones to get in touch with them any time they want to.

Reasons a Kid Should Have a Cell Phone

There are many reasons for giving your child a cell phone. Gifting your child a cell phone is the smartest decision that you can take as a parent, especially if you want to monitor your child’s activities and ensure their overall safety. Some of the good reasons for equipping your child with a cell phone have been discussed in this article.

For Your Peace of Mind

That’s right. One of the best reasons to gift your child a cell phone is for your own peace of mind.If you are a working class man/woman and you are unable to monitor your child’s activities personally, then the next best option is to call your child at regular intervals and find out what they are doing. The best thing about equipping your child with a cell phone is that you can track them no matter where they are. Knowing your child is safe and not in trouble can take load off a parent’s chest.

Keeping Tabs On Your Child

If your child is a teenager he/she is definitely going to rebel at the idea that you are going to keep tabs on them. They feel that this is a total invasion of their cherished privacy. So instead of getting into an argument with your teenager, make a pact with them, that they should contact you at regular intervals. If you want to know where exactly your child is at any given time, equip your child with a cell phone that has a built in GPS device.  This is the best way to find out or pinpoint your child’s exact location and many parents have considered this particular cell phone feature a boon especially during emergency situations.

For Emergencies

Society as such has become quite an unsafe place for young children and teenagers. Every day we read of appalling incidents of school shootouts or children being accosted and abducted by strangers. The worst thing that can happen to your child, during such emergency situations is not being able to contact you. If your child has a cell phone they can either contact you directly or you can even teach them to contact 911 to report any untoward incident.

The Convenience Factor

The convenience factor alone has made many parents give their children a cell phone.

10 Reasons A Kid Should Have A Cell Phone

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If an emergency meeting has suddenly cropped up for you, you can contact your children on their cell phones and inform them to stay in a safe place until such time you are able to pick them up. By giving your child a cell phone, the channels of communication are always kept open.

Teaching Responsibility

You can teach your child the importance of responsibility, by giving them their own cell phone. If your child is a pre teen, then train them to use their cell phone with care and not to treat it as a mere toy. Tell your child that he or she will have to contribute towards paying their cell phone bills by doing simple chores around the house. If your child is older, encourage them to take up a part time job, so that they are able to pay their cell phones bills themselves.


Instead of worrying every single second whether your child is safe or not, equip your child with a cell phone. The enormous relief that you experience, knowing your child is safe, out strips all other aspects. So don’t waste time worrying unduly, when you have an easier option of knowing your child’s activities, safety and whereabouts by calling them on their cell phone.

Time Management

What better way to teach your child time management skills, than through their cell phone usage. Stick to a calling plan which limits their monthly talk time. If your child has over short the predetermined talk time, then make them pay for overages. This way your child will ensure that they do not spend too much money on unnecessary calls.

Internet Usage

The latest cell phones come with high speed internet feature. Teach your child to use this feature in their cell phone for accessing information for their school projects. During sudden emergency situation when the home PC is down, your child can instantly access the net through their phone and collect the necessary information for their school work instead of feeling completely lost.

Building Friendship

Cell phones are a great way for your child to build friendships. Making new friends will help your child enhance their interpersonal and communication skills. But as a parent, it is your responsibility to check who your child is becoming friendly with. Encourage your child to make friends of their own age and talk to them about the dangers of using their personal cell phone to talk to complete strangers.


As long as children don’t go overboard with their cell phone usage, cell phones are a great source of entertainment with their gaming, internet and texting options. Children can use their phones to keep in touch with their friends as well.