Who doesn’t want to look glamorous and stylish? And when it comes to skin care, every woman wants to look beautiful. Today, many beauty products are available in the market which adds more glory on the face but natural beauty is the gift of God that every woman wants to be blessed with. Definitely, pink and rosy cheeks add more beauty on the face of women. With few simple tips, one can get soft, supple and attractive cheeks with a natural glow. So here you go!


Balanced Diet

The key factor to get rosy cheeks and supple skin is to have a complete, balanced diet. Proper diet is very important in keeping the body healthy, supple and strong. Skipping meals can disturb the diet which results in improper health. Therefore, adding more and more dairy products, vegetables, fruits, curd, chicken, sprouts and fish in diet will keep skin more glowing and radiant one.

Balanced diet

Juice Of Beetroot

Instead of wasting money on expensive makeup and products, it is better to use the simple home ingredient. Apply crushed and mashed beetroot juice on the face for 20 minutes. Since, Beetroot contain powerful red pigment in it, this will show effective result on skin.

Beetroot Juice

Rose Water Cleansing

One who wants to be beautiful natural should not forget removing every bit of makeup from the face earlier than going to bed at night. If you want natural glow and rosy pink cheeks, you should prefer cleansing your face with rose water daily. The best way to do so is adding juice of a lemon in a bottle of rose water and transferring this solution in a spray bottle. Whenever you want to cleanse your face, just spray some of this rose water cleanser on your skin and wipe with a tissue. Then, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

Adequate Amount Of Water

It is advisable to drink at least 8-10 glass of water each day to keep the body hydrated and Supple. Since, water helps in removing toxins from the body, drinking adequate amount of water keeps skin and body nourished and moist. This is how, you can move a step forward for rosy cheeks.

Drink Lots Of Water

It is important to do exercise daily. Learn some skin brightening yogasanas and exercises from your physician that can add glow to your face. Many facial exercises are there that help in increasing the blood flow but you should be strict to follow the exercise regimen for good results.

Combine Aerobics And Anaerobic Exercises
Healthy Juice

Make routine of drinking a healthy combination of juices every morning that nourishes your body as well as skin. You need nothing but taking a tomato, a medium sized carrot and half of a beetroot. Wash all the three fruits well and peel of the carrot and beetroot. Make juice of these fruits together and drink it daily for rosy cheeks.

Pineapple And Carrot Juice
Sweet Sugar

Sugar is very effective ingredient that can be use on skin to a get pinkish look.  Massaging your face with sugar for 3- 4 min will give good result in weeks. Another good thing is that when massaging your face is good as it removes all the dead cells and dullness and gives radiant look to skin. It works by increasing blood circulation of the face.

Sweet Sugar
Juicy Fruit And Vegetables

Eating lots of green vegetables and fruits result in a rich diet. Actually, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in them which is very necessary for the body. Eating green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and many more good sources of iron content is good idea.

Vegetables and Fruits
Honey And Lemon

Use of honey and lemon shows great effect on the skin. As honey is a natural ingredient, it has good anti-agent property in it. In the same way, lemon has acidic property in it. Therefore rubbing honey and lemon on the face gives radiant and glowing look to skin and increase the glow on cheeks.

honey and lemon juice
Avoid Chemical Products

Proper care of skin is very important. Try to avoid chemical products as they harm the skin very soon. Since, natural methods and home remedies are very effective and long lasting one which give a great result on the skin and maintain the charm of skin. Use of too much bleaching cream, layers of fairness cream and foundation can make your skin dry and dull.

Natural Progesterone Cream
So, here is all to know about natural methods through which you can get rosy and pink cheeks within a month. The only condition to be maintained is to carry out this beauty regimen on regular basis.