10 Must Buy Things For Your New Baby

Install a Car Seat

Being a new parent can be a complex emotion to deal with. Although most couples start preparing well in advance for the arrival of a new member in the family, it can become a little unnerving once the baby arrives!

With the baby comes a lot of responsibility for which no reading can prepare you! So when you start preparing for your baby’s arrival there are 10 most important things that you simply cannot miss out on! So this guide will help you on your way to ensure that you are completely prepared for the arrival of your little one!

Install a Car Seat

This is, obviously a very important thing that you must get installed before you welcome your baby. But it often gets buried under the list of hundreds of things that you have to get done! Remember without the installation of a car seat you cannot ensure complete safety for your baby!

Install a Car Seat

So get down to the job and get a car seat that will be adjustable and you can carry your baby in it as he/she grows and you will be free of the hassle of changing your seat with your baby’s growth! This should be the first on your checklist!

Purchase a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a must for every mother! You may think that you are not going to be like every other paranoid new mum but it is guaranteed that you will fell differently once you have the baby in your arms! It is but natural that you will want to have an idea about very movement of your baby, so that you do not end up obsessing about the baby’s safety all the time! Nowadays you can also opt for a video monitor for your kids which will guarantee you complete peace of mind as you will not only hear your baby but see him or her too! So make this a must buy!

A Sturdy Crib for your New Born

This is one of the most essential things that every house with a newborn requires! And it is best that you hit a maternity and baby store before the baby arrives and stock up on the essentials like the crib for your little one.

A Sturdy Crib for your New Born

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You cannot make your new born sleep with your on your bed and when you not around the crib will be the safest for your baby as he/ she grows up. So purchase a nice crib that has enough security and is strong and the bars have enough height. Keep in mind that the crib must be useful as your baby grows up, so buy something that has great quality.

Diapers and Nappies! You will Need Lots and Lots of Them!

The diapers and nappies are one of the most obvious things that you will need for your new born but with the birth of our baby and other preoccupations do not forget to hoard up on these! Remember you will need lots and lots of diapers when you have a new born at hand!

Buy at least 2 dozen nappies when you bring the baby home and it is guaranteed that you will require almost a dozen each day, so keep buying diapers as per your requirement. Do not keep it for the last moment as with the baby in your hands you may not be able to rush out to the supermarket very promptly! So be prepared. Also stock up on creams for rashes as many babies are allergic to diapers.

A Stroller for Your Baby

Do not think that it is enough to get a car seat for the new born and you are done. A stroller or a moving carrier of some sort is a necessity for all new babies and the mothers as well! A stroller is very handy to move a restless baby around the house and also take the baby to a park when he/ she starts growing up.

A Stroller for Your Baby

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You can also invest in a baby swing as most babies love a swing and it keeps then happy and does not make them restless easily so that you can also continue with your work while keeping a watchful eye on the little one! There are also baby rockers that are easily adjustable according to the growth of your baby and you can use it as your baby grows into a toddler. There are options galore so take your pick!

A Baby Bath

It is a bad idea to give the new baby a bath in your bath. It is neither safe nor hygienic. So it is a must that you purchase a baby bath that it tailor made for a new born. There are baby baths that will stay with your baby as the little one grows into a toddler so invest in something that will give you quality guarantee!

Nappy Bin

Initially a nappy bin may not seem too important a thing for the little one. But once you become a full time mother you will realize it is very handy to have a nappy bin at your disposal.

Nappy Bin

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There will be too many nappy changes and too frequently for you to run along all the time! So purchase a nappy bin and keep it handy in your baby’s room so that you do not have to run around.

Baby Soap and Shampoo

Never try and use soaps and bath wash that you use for yourself. Your baby’s skin is extremely gentle and it requires special care. So buy the best quality soap, shampoo, oil, baby powder for the little one. Johnson and Johnson is the leading brand when it comes to personal care items for the baby.

Feeding Bottles

Feeding Bottles

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No new mother can forget the importance of feeding bottles for their new born, however remember that when you are purchasing the bottles, you buy at least three as you will be needing them for different purposes, while you use one, you can sterilize the other bottles.

Baby Grooming Kit

Do not mix the baby’s comb, nail clippers or any other grooming item with your own. Always have a hair brush, a wide toothed baby comb, nail clippers in a separate baby bag for the little one and keep them disinfected and sterilized at all times.