10 Indications That Your Body is Telling You To Relax


We live in a fast paced world. Despite all of your efforts sometimes you still seem to behind the wolf pack, and what do you do then? You push yourself harder. What happens in this scenario though is that you often get stressed out or push yourself too hard. Before you know you are on the verge of a breakdown and it’s too late. But things don’t have to be that way; your body is a wonderful thing. Before you reach that point of no return, your body starts giving out signs to let you know that it’s time to slow down.

Here are some common indicators from your body telling you to slow down

You Are Always Sick

One of the first signs is that you will find yourself sick most of the time. This is a clear example of the fact that your body is influenced by your mind. When your body is working overtime, your hormone levels are low. Some hormones are components of the immune system and so when your hormone levels drop, you lose your ability to fight diseases and end up being sick always. No matter what you do, you will not be able to shake of the illness.

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You Have Trouble Concentrating

When your mind is overworked or stressed, you will find that you cannot concentrate on any task. Tasks that took you minutes will now seem to go on forever, you will not be able to remember simple things or focus. When this happens, you should step back and analyse your situation.


You Have A Headache That Won’t Leave You Alone

All of us have heard of and at some point or the other experienced a tension or stress headache- a throbbing or pressure anywhere on the head or temple area. The name of the headache says it all; it will only go away if you let go off the tension or stress.


You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed most nights for no apparent reason, it is cause for concern. Sleep should come easily after a long tiring day, but if you feel tired but can’t fall asleep no matter what you try, it is possible that stress is the cause for it.

Sleeping Patterns

Constant Back Or Neck Ache

Knots in the shoulders, a stiff neck or lower back pain can result from stress and not just sitting posture. Research indicates that high levels of stress and tension results in pain as muscles tighten and cause muscle spasms.

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Your Hair Starts Falling

It is true; sudden increase in hair fall can be a direct result of increased stress. How many times have you noticed increased hair fall when exams are near or you have a particularly tough period at work? Don’t worry though; your hair will grow back once your stress is minimized.

Hair Fall

You Get Angry Easily

If you find yourself blowing your top for the silliest of things, it is a clear indication that you have to relax. When your body is worn out and you need rest, anything can trigger an outburst.

You Get Angry Easily

You Are Always Tired

You might find that you are always tired; even after a lazy weekend; you might wake up on Monday morning feeling blue and with no energy. That is your body telling you that it doesn’t have the energy to go on and needs some rest.


You Lose Weight And Don’t Have An Appetite

When your body is tired, you will find that you lose interest in food and don’t have much of an appetite. So you begin losing weight and soon find your clothes hanging on your frame. You may find that you lose interest in life altogether.

Weight Loss And Increased Appetite

You Lose Interest In Sex

Stress and tension are the main causes for erectile dysfunction. If you lose interest in sex or can’t perform, it’s most likely because your body is feeling the tension and cannot shake it off. The only thing you can do is relax and minimize the stress levels.

Sexual Body Effect
This is a much bigger issue than most of us care to admit. Stress and tension is getting the better or us and our lives. We cannot expect to go on forever without at some point facing the consequences. If your body is exhibiting the above signs, don’t ignore it, because you cannot afford to. If you don’t relax and give your body what it needs, it just may give out on you. Once it does, it may not be easy to get back on your feet. So do yourself a favor, listen to your body, after all, health is wealth.