10 Incredible Benefits of Taking Daytime Naps Everyday

Benefits of Taking Daytime Naps Everyday

Napping is widely frowned upon in our fast paced workaholic world today. We think that napping is meant for the unambitious and lazy people, or retired folk who have a lot of time on hand. But the truth is that napping is one stigma that is truly misplaced as napping is a practice that can not only improve our health and overall well being but also boost our productivity and intelligence. Read on to find out how getting power nap in the daytime benefits your life.

These Are Benefits of Taking Daytime Naps Everyday

Boosts Memory

When you are preparing for an important meeting or cramming for your exams, taking a nap can help you pay better attention, thus enabling you to learn things in much lesser time. It helps boost your memory retention and help to store the data your have been learning over few days. Thus, napping can help refresh your brain and make you a better learner.

Increase Your Memory

Makes You Alert

If you have been feeling lethargic often and do not feel like concentrating on any work, then you probably aren’t getting enough sleep and rest. The best solution to this problem is to take 20-30 minutes of nap during the day time as it is improves your alertness and overall mood as well. Napping is just like getting a system reboot and helps prevent burnout.

Great Mood Enhancer

Improves Heart Health

You will be surprised to know that napping in the afternoon can cut down your chances of suffering from a heart attack. Taking 30 minute naps a minimum of 3 times a week reduces the risk of coronary related diseases, especially in men.

Heart pain

Regulates Your Testosterone Levels

Sleeping soundly during the night followed by napping for a short time in the afternoon helps in regulating the level of testosterone in the body. According to studies, not getting enough sleep causes a reduction in the testosterone levels along with other related side effects.

Let Anger Escape

Boosts Creativity

If you are working on a creative project and are not able to come up with innovative ideas, napping will help you loosen the cobweb of ideas that may be stuck in the back of your mind and help you express them in a much better manner. Researches have proved that taking a 30 minutes power nap daily improves our ability to solve questionnaires and problems in a much better and quicker manner than others.

Promotes Creativity And Improvisation

Boosts Immunity

Getting enough rest is vital for overall health and well being. Regular naps during the daytime along with enough nighttime sleep will help boost your immune function and keep diseases at bay.

Improved Immune System

Weight Loss

Though you must have heard the contrary, but napping can even help you lose some excess weight. A study conducted by Chicago University showed that loss of fat increased by as much as 55 percent when you take naps after working out.

Weight Loss

Ease Tension And Stress

The easiest way to cut down stress and tension from your life is by taking naps. Regular afternoon power naps will help improve your cognitive function and help ease stress.

Release Accumulated Stress

Heightens Sensory Perception

Researches have also proved that napping can help boost sensory perception and restore your sensitivity of hearing, sight as well as taste.

Heightens Sensory Perception

Relaxes The Body

Another great benefit of taking regular naps is that it relaxes the entire body and mind. Taking 20 minutes naps daily will energize the entire body and still not interfere with your nighttime sleep.


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