10 Home Made Tips For Dark Circles

Home Made Tips For Dark Circles

Your eyes are the mirror of your mind. If you have beautiful eyes then you do not need so much of make up when you are stepping outside your home. So, to keep your eyes beautiful ever after you have to take care for your eyes other wise dark circles will make your face dull. The skins under your eyes are very much sensitive and thus needs extra care than the normal skin care. There are no oil glands in the under eye skin and that’s why it has a probability to get dry easily. So, a little negligence in the care of your under eye skin can create a great problem for you. Dark circle can appear due to genetic reasons and because of your increasing age. But the main reasons behind your dark circles are excessive mental stress, late nights, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition etc. It can be clearly seen that the there has a connection between our lifestyle with the dark circles. To get rid of your dark circles completely you have to take positive change in your lifestyle and you need also good care too. To get rid from your dark circles try effective home remedies which will cure the dark circles without any side effects.

These Are Home Made Tips For Dark Circles

Take Enough Rest

Tiredness of your eyes reflected in your dark circles. So, give enough rest to your eyes. If you have to work continuously in front of computer, then try to give rest to your eyes for 2-3 minutes in a regular interval of 20-30 minutes. To give rest to your eyes just close the eyes and stop working.

Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

Splash Cold Water In Your Eyes

Try to splash cold water in your eyes. It increases the blood circulation in your eyes and also cleans your eyes naturally. You can add few drops of rose water with the normal cold water and then take a cold splash to your eyes if you wish so.

Moisten Your Eyes

Apply Sunscreen Under Your Eyes

Do not forget to apply sunscreen in the area under your eyes when you step out in to the sun. Choose a sunscreen with proper SPF which will reduce the harm created by sun. Also use sunglass when you are stepping out under the sun.

Apply Sunscreen Under Your Eyes

Cold Compress For Your Eyes

Soak two cotton balls in cold raw milk in a bowl and keep it in fridge. When you came from your work to your home just place these soaked cotton balls on your closed eyes and lay down for 15 minutes. Your eyes will get soothed and not only that you will get rid from the problems of dark circles. Few drops of lemon juice can be added with the milk for better result.

Cold Compress For Your Eyes

Apply Almond Oil In Your Eye Contour

Apply few drops of pure almond oil in the surrounding area of your eyes and gently massage it with your ring finger before you go to your bed in night. Try to massage in circular strokes and don’t make any harsh strokes as it will create fine lines under your eyes. Wipe the excess oil with a cotton pad.

Almond Oil

Apply Lemon Juice To Remove Dark Circles

If you want to get rid of dark circles to add brightness to your face just apply few drops of lemon juice in your dark circles. Leave it for 10 minutes and take a bath.

Lemon Juice

Apply Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is a very good natural skin toner and astringent. It also a very good remedy for the dark circles too. Make a paste from cucumber and squeeze the juice from it. Store the juice in refrigerator. Apply the cucumber juice regularly under your eyes to get rid from the problem of dark circles. It also gives a soothing effect to your eyes.

Cucumber juice

Apply Potato Pulp

Potato pulp is also very effective in removing under eye dark circles. Just take a small piece of potato and make pulp of it. Now apply this potato pulp on the dark circles and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with plain cold water. Regular use of this remedy will give you free from the dark circle problem.

potato pulp

Eat Vitamin C And Vitamin E Supplements

Regular intake of vitamin C and vitamin E is beneficial to remove dark circles. Try to eat citrus foods for vitamin C and it will lighten the skin from inside. Vitamin E can be found in nuts and fruits and it helps in holding the skin elasticity thus it removes the problem of dark circles. You can try health supplements that contain vitamin C and E to get rid from dark circle problem.

Vitamin Supplements

Apply Night Cream

Apply night cream which contains vitamin A and E in night before going to bed. Massage it in circular strokes and wipe off extra cream from the skin. Vitamin A and E helps in fading out the dark circles from your skin working whole night on your skin.

Apply Night Cream