10 Home Decor Tips

10 Home Decor Tips

10 Home Decor Tips Having a beautiful and fabulous looking home is a dream of every person. A good looking and a well decorated home not only impress others, but, it also makes its inhabitants feel nice in living there. Having bought a house and now confused as to how to decorate it? Or want to decorate your home in a new manner? Well then go through this article and you may come across some useful tips for home decoration.

10 Home Décor Tips

Go through these 10 and easy home décor tips and see which one would suit your home the best.

Decorating a Living Room With Small Space

Most people usually get confused regarding the decoration of small spaces in their homes especially if it is a living room. Well, see if this tip amongst the ’10 home décor tips’, work out for you if you have a living room with small space. Decorate your living room with light colors so that the room would not look small. Having light colored furniture and other things in the living room would make the space appear larger.

Warm and Cozy Look

The other way to decorate your living room would be, decorating it with dark colors and providing adequate lighting in the room. Dark colors in a tight place would make it look cozy, warm and welcoming.

Some Storage Solutions

Having extra stuff and not sure how to put it in home? Well, then here are some storage solutions. Check out for corners in a room or anywhere at home. Having shelves and cupboards in corner for storing extra stuff can be really helpful to clear out the space from clutter. Best example for this is; buying a shelf for your books will help you assemble them in one place while at the same time will provide a library-look to the place.

Hanging Wall Arts

Hanging wall arts in your living room, study room or in the passage would provide a sophisticated look to the place.

Home Decor Tips

If you are planning to hang a wall art in your living room, choose one with decent colors. Hanging wall arts at eye level would look best.


Sometimes this aspect of home decoration is ignored. Proper lighting in home is quite essential as it helps to enhance the place and if adequate lighting in a space is not provided, it would then have a negative impact on the other decors of the place as well.

For bigger spaces, use large floor lamps. To lighten dark corners, go for ambient lighting. Use table lamps in your study room to give it a creative effect. And for visual assistance which is quite necessary for larger rooms, go for general kind of lighting such as ceiling fixtures.

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Kitchen Colors

A sky blue paint in kitchen will provide it a fresh and outdoor look.

Small Kitchen

home decoarting ideas

For small kitchens, get it done with light colors such as white in combination with some other bright color such as red, yellow or a soothing color such as green.

Organizing Pantry

If your kitchen has some extra space, go for organizing pantry over there as it looks really attractive in kitchen. Get a pantry cupboard in some corner or side of your kitchen and get that inspiring kitchen-look.


Organize things in your bathroom in such a way that it does not appear small. Get mirrored cabinets and shelves to place the toiletries. A suitable color for bathrooms is a light one and even if it has to be dark, it must be a decent one.


Your balcony should be the most impressive space, where you can accommodate yourself and guests during the nice weather. According to the availability of the space in the balcony you can place flower plants, wall hangings and nice easy chairs along with the center or side tables.