10 Helpful Natural Cures For Hypoglycemia


Hypoglycemia When blood glucose drops down to as low as 60 to 100 mg/dl, leading to neuroglycopenic symptoms like dizziness, speaking trouble or autonomic symptoms like trembling, nausea and anxiety, one is known to suffered from hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a warning signal for something majorily wrong with the glucose supply or metabolism and if ignored, may lead to severe consequences that may affect the whole body.

The brain that functions endlessly requires a continuous supply of sugar molecules to function efficiently all throughout. The brain cannot manufacture or store glucose and needs a regular supply. Under hypoglycemia, brain functions get haywire resulting in confusion state, concentration issues and rarely, an unconsciousness form too.

Though, hypoglycemia is linked more commonly to diabetes with high probability of its occurrence in diabetic patients, it may also be caused due to other conditions like postprandial hypoglycemia, kidney disorders, insulinoma, endocrine problems, liver disease, medications and excess alcohol consumption.

Natural Cures For Early Hypoglycemic Signs

The early signs of hypoglycemia include increased thirst or hunger, vomiting or excessive sweating. The early cure must help in restoring the blood glucose levels for short term, till more elaborate treatment is manifested by the doctor.

Sugar Candies

Candies are the rich source of sugar that can be assimilated and absorbed quickly, thereby comforting the patient.

Sugar Candies

Other quickly absorbed sugar forms can be attained from raisins, milk, soda and glucose solutions. When blood sugar levels goes below 70 gm/dL, consume 5 to 6 pieces of hard candies as it immediately raises blood glucose.

Intake More of B vitamins And Iron

Whole grains and leafy green vegetables are rich in B vitamins as well as iron that should be consumed in plenty, for maintaining blood glucose levels.  Each B vitamins assist the body in convert carbohydrate from foods into glucose, the usable energy form.

Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices

Drinking fruit juices also provide a rapid absorption of fruit sugars, thereby elevating the blood sugar levels. Drinking half a cup of fruit juice is a nice way of increasing blood sugar levels rapidly. Juices are better option over eating fruits as it get readily assimilated by the body increasing energy levels.

Small Frequent Meals

Intake of small meals after a regular period of 3 to 4 hours help to raise the blood glucose levels and also keeps them elevated through the complete day. Consumption of foods with minimum 15 to 20g of carbohydrate, but low in fat content is the fastest way to treat hypoglycemia instantly.

For those, at higher risk of hypoglycemia, should consult their doctors for usage of glucagon kit to prevent recurrent episodes of low blood sugar. In severe cases, having glucose through mouth may not be possible. Under such conditions, intravenous glucose injections shall be given for rapid relief.

Natural Cures For Long Term Hypoglycemia Problems

The main focus of long term natural solution is to reduce the reoccurrence of hypoglycemia and to treat the root cause of repetitive low glucose levels.

Antioxidants And Low Fat Diet

Include antioxidant foods of fresh fruits and vegetables and have a diet low in trans- fats and saturated fats. Also, limit consumption of processed meats and instead, intake lean meats.

Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco And Caffeine

avoid Alcohol

Individuals with diabetes type 1, with high occurrences of hypoglycemia should avoid alcohol and tobacco. Caffeine also needs to be consumed in minimum amounts as all these majorily affect glucose metabolism.


Chromium aids in curing blood sugar ailments as it is the important constituent of GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) with a significant role in insulin and carbohydrate metabolism and maintaining their optimum balance within the blood. The diet usually contributes to 30 mg of chromium, which is much below the optimal dose needed (200 mg).

Hence, include more and more of foods like apple, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. For better absorption of chromium, vitamin C or ascorbic acid rich foods should also be included in higher amounts.

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Soluble Fiber

Foods rich in soluble fibers like seeds, legumes, nuts and fruits will help to reduce the dietary glucose entry rate into the bloodstream, thereby maintaining a steady and normal blood glucose levels, for the entire day.


Fibres contributes to a slower liberation process of sugar due to presence of natural starch blockers in them, making one feel full by eating less and that fullness stays for a longer duration.

Plant Sterolins And Sterols

These plants have a capacity to stabilize blood glucose levels by lowering the extreme dips in the glucose levels, within the bloodstream.

beans and seeds

These can be purchased in available blended form, of small shoots of beans and seeds that have been free zed and dried, to keep all the plant enzymes intact that aid in mediating the stabilization role.


The little plant of chlorella is loaded with chlorophyll and is the perfect solution for curing hypoglycemia. Chlorophyll, the green blood of plants can help to carry oxygen though the blood, thereby building up more of red blood cells level. Chlorophyll helps to detoxify the blood and inturn purify the blood. Chlorella is enriched with a number of minerals and vitamins that gets easily digested by human digestive system and is easily absorbed and assimilated in the body.