10 Healthy Breakfast Tips You Can Try

Healthy Breakfast Tips

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is said that you should have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper. The idea is that since this is the first meal that you are going to consume after a long night, it should be high on nutrition along with providing energy too. Breakfast should comprise of complete nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. But due to lack of time, most people have hurried breakfasts that lack nutrition.

So Here Are Some Tips That You Can Try To Make Breakfast Healthier

Fortified Cereals

This is one of the best ways to have breakfasts because these fortified cereals are not only high on iron and other nutrients but they are also filled with fibre. But make sure that you are picking cereals that are organic or made with natural ingredients. One laden with sugar and other additives might be great to taste but they are certainly not high on health.

Fortified Cereals Add Fruits To Cereals

Adding fruits to cereals ensures that you are combining processed with fresh. No matter how fortified the cereals are, the benefits of natural fruits cannot be taken away. Fruits like bananas, berries, etc. can be easily added to cereals for getting your share of minerals and vitamins. Not only does this make the cereal wholesome, but it also means that you are getting some fresh fibre and taste.

Add Fruits To Cereals Egg It Up

Adding eggs to your breakfast is highly suggested because they are high on nutrient content. Eggs are protein-rich, which makes them a wholesome breakfast. They have healthy cholesterol and fats too that really work great for your health. If you want to lose weight then have only egg white based omelettes, but for those who are looking for complete nutrients, wholesome organic eggs are highly suggested.

Spanish Oats Omelette Smoothies

This is one of the best tips for those who have very little time for breakfast. Smoothies can be made almost instantly using your favourite fruits mixed with some yogurt or even milk. Do no add sugar to enjoy health benefits. Straining the smoothie results in fibre loss and means wasting time too. So churn everything together and drink it up for good health.

Pineapple Smoothie

Opt For Green Tea At Breakfast

Drinking green tea at breakfast is highly suggested because green tea is not only lean and lighter on the palette, it is healthier too. Having green tea means that you are getting your share of antioxidants without the added caffeine that coffee gives you. You can also have cold or iced green tea rather than coffee at breakfast for weight loss and better looking skin.

Green Tea Planning Ahead

Think of a breakfast menu for the entire week. Planning out the menu means that you are able to work out what things to make when. So you can stock up on the items in the refrigerator and also do some prep work. This really saves time and ensures that you get a healthy meal everyday.

Consume Water In Between Meals Make Use of Leftovers

You should definitely make use of whatever leftover is there in the fridge and use it up as a sandwich for breakfast. This includes your favorite grilled tuna or even leftover chicken. Use wholemeal breads so that you get added nutrients while getting your share of health breakfast.

Make Use of Leftovers Vitamin Rich Juices

Vitamin rich juices like orange or sweet lime is vital for breakfast. It will charge you up for the entire day and ensure that you are eating healthy. Opt for fresh orange juice rather than processed. If you must have processed, then pick brans that are organic and have pulp to for add fibres.

Using Digestive Enzymes From Fruit Juices Nutty Delights

Make sure that you are adding nuts to your breakfast because these are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Not only are nuts a great snack for breakfast but they also offer good fats, which kickstart your metabolism. Nuts like walnuts, hazel nuts, etc. are good for brain functions. Having them early in the morning provides added benefits for the brain.

Eat Nuts As Snacks Use Dark Chocolate

There are times when you are really tempted to have something sweet for breakfast and feel like having dessert. But instead of all those sweet milky based drinks, think of dark chocolate. This ingredient is low on sugar, charges you up for the day and also has many other health benefits. Dark chocolate can be added to your milk, yogurt or even grated on top of your favorite cereal or fruit for added flavor. So if you must have something sweet at breakfast, dark chocolate is a sensible and healthier option.

Dark Chocolate