10 Health Benefits Of Running Daily

Health Benefits Of Running Daily
All of us can run and it is not necessary to be an athlete for making running a routine. Running is an easy and cheap exercise and is good for any health goal that you have in mind, if done daily. It will bring to you a range of health benefits and will improve your confidence and health gradually. It will improve you cardio-vascular health and will provide for lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. It also improves and boosts the metabolism of the body and improves your self esteem apart from preventing certain cancers, diabetes and other diseases. It is better to consult a doctor before you begin with your running routine as you would not like yourself to be injured. An injury will lead to the collapse of the health improvement program that you have in mind. Walk and jog at the start and try to achieve 20 minutes of continuous jogging time. So, you can walk for 5-7 minutes and jog for 2-3 minutes and with time you will achieve the standard jogging pattern. With time you will be able to prevent many diseases and improve your health by making running a routine activity.

Here Are 10 Health Benefits Of Running Daily

Faster Weight Loss

Running boots your metabolism and provides for weight loss. It helps you to control your hunger pangs as well so that you do not eat again and again during the day. You can mix up walks and jogs at the start which will also be helpful in burning calories. Manage to run for around 30 minutes for at-least 4 times every week. For faster weight loss, do some strength training and weight lifting exercises and eat more dietary fiber containing foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Weight Loss
Better Sleep

Those suffering from insomnia can beat the disease by running rigorously. Running improves your circadian rhythm as well and helps you to have normal sleep-wake patterns.

Meditation Helps You Sleep Better
Depression Cure and Prevention

By making running a daily routine activity you can improve your mood and revitalize your damped spirits. Sedentary lifestyle causes increase in production of cortisol ( a hormone) and leads to depression, brain illnesses and reduced life expectancy. Running burns up the extra cortisol and maintains the hormone to normal levels thereby preventing depression.

Improvement Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Running is one of the best exercises for heart health. Apart from increasing your lungs efficiency, running also burns and removes all the bad cholesterol from the blood vessel linings. These cholesterol coatings thicken the inner linings of blood vessels and cause diseases like atherosclerosis which can cause heart failure.

cardiovascular health
Better Brain Health

Running directly promote the growth of brain by inducing growth of grey matter in the brain. It also provides oxygen in abundance to the brain so that your brain cells get faster growth. Running preserves your memory even when you age and helps you to stay sharper.

brain training
Improves Bone Health

Running improves bone-mineral density and helps you to have stronger and efficient bones and cartilage joints. A moderate 30 minute daily run or jog activity can prevent bone disease like osteoporosis for longer time periods.

Strengthen Bones
Prevention Of Different Cancers

Running provides fresh oxygen to your body improves the working of body cells and removes the toxins from the body that cause cell damage and induce tumor and cancer growth. It also optimizes the metabolic processes of the body and different body systems so that they stay more healthy and resistant to tumors and cancers. The exercise prevents a range of cancers including prostate colon, breast, lung, endometrial, ovarian and other cancers.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Cancer
Elimination Of Stress And Anxiety

Sedentary lifestyle and food which is low in nutritive value is a cause of stress. Stress causes diseases like anxiety, insomnia and depression. Running increases the production of endorphin (a neurotransmitter) and that elevates the mood. By running regularly you can remove stress and regulate your mood, reduce tension and also prevent occurrence of anxiety, which is now a common disorder affecting a number of people.

Prevention And Management Of Diabetes

Running can manage Diabetes and regulate insulin secretion and sugar metabolism inside the body. Those already suffering from the disease can bring it under easy-to-manage proportions by running regularly. Diabetes patients should also eat a dietary fiber rich diet and should not eat sugary substances and fats in excess.


Better Skin Health

Running opens the clogged pores on skin and eliminates toxins from it (through sweating) and helps you to get rid of acne and blemishes. These abnormal skin formations occur because of toxic substances that remain in the skin cells. Running improves your blood circulation so that skin gets the nutrients timely and no metabolic leftovers (toxic waste) remain in the skin tissues.

Fair Skin