10 Health Benefits Of Nordic Walking

Health Benefits Of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a modified form of walking which is a very beneficial type of body workout. Usually normal walking only focuses on your lower body and there is not much effect on the upper body. In Nordic walking almost 80% of your body muscles get the benefit. To go into further details of how it works; Nordic walking is a type of low impact exercise and is done with the help of Nordic walkers. It can be done anywhere and a particular terrain is not needed. You simply hold the Nordic walking gears in your both hands and start walking. These walking poles by forming a grip with the ground surface, tends to propel your body ahead; thus reducing pressure on your joints and also making your feet light. This helps you in walking fast and in doing so it doesn’t even exert much pressure on your bone joints. This is a reason why Nordic walking can be done by anyone of any age group.

So if you are not a gym kind of a person and you like to add a twist to your workout or try something new, Nordic walking is the best workout for you. Nordic walking can also be done by done age group of any sex and therefore you can make it a family get together as well as a fun workout. Nordic walking has ample health benefits and is known to work on your entire body.

Let us have a look at some benefits of Nordic walking on your physique as well as health

Maximum Muscles Of The Body Are Utilised

Normal walking usually makes use of about 40% of body muscles out of which the leg and lower body muscles are mainly focused. As an added benefit Nordic walking also makes use of your upper body muscles which almost makes use of 90% of your total muscle mass. This is very effective in strengthening your body muscles as well as toning them.

Maximum Muscles Of The Body Are Utilised

Cardio Workout

With the help of Nordic walkers, you are able to walk fast without putting much pressure on your bones and joints. Due to this your heart pumps more and more blood and works fast taking care of your daily cardiovascular workout. This keeps your heart healthy and protects you against number of heart related diseases.


Weight Loss By Burning Fat

Nordic walking is very effective in burning fat and subsequently losing calories. It is believed that Nordic walking helps you in losing weight as it burns about 50% more calories than normal walking.

Weight Loss

Reduces Impact And Stress On The Bones And Joints

The use of Nordic walkers distributes the pressure and doesn’t really put and impact on your bones and joints. This is the reason why it can be done by people of any age group without worrying about weak brittle bones.

Joint Pain

Improvement In Body Posture

Nordic walking helps your shoulder and spine joints and muscles and thus helps in improving your body posture.

Build A Good Posture

Reduces Joint Pain And Muscle Pain

We discussed that Nordic walking doesn’t put any pressure on your bones and joints; in addition it also reduces various types of body pains. This effect is especially observed in the elderly people.

Cramps In Muscles

Good Alternative To Running

Although running is an excellent type of body workout; but for those people who are not comfortable with running or jogging Nordic walking is the alternative. It is equally effective in losing weight and toning your muscles as running and people of any age group can conveniently perform it.


Suitable And Effective During Pregnancy

Exercising is recommended even during pregnancy. Nordic walking is a low impact exercise and is even recommended for pregnant females. It benefits by improving the mother’s blood circulation which is very beneficial for the unborn child.

Pregnancy is Not An Excuse to Eat for Two

Good For Your Heart And Lungs

Nordic walking increases heart rate and also increases the pumping of blood; it also makes you breathe faster thus increasing the exchange of oxygen between blood and cells. These processes benefit your heart and lungs as they are directly involved in the above processes.


Reduces Stress

In addition to other health benefits, a positive environment and working out together are the perfect blend to reduce stress. Exercising in itself is a stress buster and the natural surrounding while performing Nordic walking is nothing but the cherry on the cake.


Nordic walking is known to exert beneficial effects on our heart rate, blood pressure, the capacity to exercise or basically your stamina, oxygen consumption, and quality of life in people. It is also known to have benefits with various diseases and is also recommended as a preventive measure for a number of serious health disorders.