10 Health Benefits Of Cassava On Your Skin And Hair

Health Benefits Of Cassava On Your Skin And Hair

Have you ever come across a single fruit/vegetable that could take care of the health, skin and hair, all at the same time? Well, cassava is one such tropical root vegetable, which offers an array of benefits. There are two varieties of plants – bitter and sweet cassava. While bitter cassava has high levels of cyanide, sweet one has lower levels and it can be eaten like any traditional root veggies.

Benefits Of Cassava  On Your Skin And Hair

Brightens Complexion    

The cassava peels are good skin exfoliaters. Make fresh paste of the peels and use this as a scrub. Massage the face for couple of minutes and rinse it with cold water. Repeat this process thrice a week.

Skin Renewal

Hydrates Your Skin

Cassava hydrates the skin tone making it soft and smooth. Take Cassava root along with olive oil or some honey.

skin smooth, soft and glowing

Removes Scars

Cassava starch water will help to cure scars and wounds. Apply the water gently on the affected area twice a day.

Treats Scars

Increases Hair Growth

If you have slow growth of hair, then cassava is just right for you. Make a paste of cassava leaves and roots and apply it on oiled hair. Leave for an hour and rinse it. Repeat the process two times a week.

Hair Growth

Provides Nourishment

If your hair is dry or damaged then cassava is the right remedy. It is powerhouse of nourishment and keeps your hair smooth, soft and shiny.

Wispy Fringes On The Front With Messy Hairstyle

Controls Hair Fall

This is a quick, effective and simple solution for controlling hair fall. Make a paste of cassava root and apply it on your hair. The hair mask will nourish the hair from the tip to the roots and hydrates it thereby controlling hair fall.

Hair Fall

Helps In Weight Loss

Using cassava is a great way to shed those extra pounds piled on over the years. It has high fiber content and is low in calories too. It keeps you feeling fuller for a long time. Hence, you can avoid eating in-between your meals and it prevents binge eating too.

Aids in Weight Loss

Good For Your Eyes

Being a rich source of Vitamin A and other compounds, cassava improves your eye health and prevents poor eyesight or blindness.

improves eyesight

Treats Diarrhea

Boil a few pieces of cassava in water. Drink this liquid once it cools down two times a day.

Diarrhea And Other Issues

Aids In Overcoming Headaches

Headaches are one of the common problems that most of us go through and sometimes it becomes unbearable. In such case, soak 60 grams of cassava leaves or roots in water for few hours. Prepare fresh juice and drink it twice a day to relieve headache.

Migraine Headaches