10 Foolproof Ways To Supercharge Your Body Besides Caffeine

Ways To Supercharge Your Body Besides Caffeine

We are well aware that caffeine helps us to feel energetic and hence most of us depend on caffeine based drinks like tea, coffee etc to energise our body. But apart from taking caffeine, you can easily follow some natural ways that will boost your energy to a large extent and within a short period of time.

Read on to find out 10 great ways to recharge your body without caffeine

Sleep Well

Sleep is the main thing that will make you feel fresh and energetic. Thus a person should at least sleep for 7- 8 hours every day and while sleeping you should try o sleep in the correct posture. To have a sound sleep, you should meditate well before going to bed. Meditation will help to relax your mind as well as your body and will help you to sleep easily and also stay asleep for a long time.


Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet will help you to stay fresh and maintain a well balanced energetic life. You should include foods containing vitamin D, calcium and protein in your daily diet. You should never skip your breakfast as it will give a start to your day by boosting your energy. You should eat small meals throughout the day. you should include green leafy vegetables, fruits like apple and drinks like milk in your every day diet.

Healthy diet


The best way to feel energised is to exercise. A daily exercise of half an hour will help you to boost your moods and feel dynamic. Exercise like stretching should be practised every day. You can also run for 30 minutes every day or go for a normal walk every morning to get rid of stress and feel fresh. Apart from physical exercise you can also go for mind exercise like solving crosswords and puzzles which will help you to stay alert.

Aerobic Exercises

Keep Your Body Hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated. Hence you should drink enough glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration leads to fatigue, hence keeping your body hydrated will help you to energize.

Drinking Water By A Straw

Bathe Well

You should wash your face daily 5-6 times with cold water as it will provide you quick energy boost. You should take a shower with cold water 2 times every day as it will help you to get rid of stress and will make you feel fresh and energetic. You can also add 2-3 drops of rose water and then bathe with it. It will give you a soothing feel.

Detox Bath Recipe

Listen To Music

Good music will make you feel better any day. Listening to great music will help you to change your mood and will also help you to work properly as you will feel energetic. Hence you should listen to music every morning when you wake up and go for work and also during the night when you go to bed.


Go For A Body Massage

Massaging your hand, feet and fingers will help in the circulation of blood thus making you feel fresh and energetic. Hence you can use natural things like olive oil, tea tree oil for massaging. Take a cup of water, add some olive oil to it and heat it. Then soak a cotton cloth in it. After that use this cloth to massage your hand, fingers, feet and head properly. This body massage will make you fresh and will charge you up.

Body To Body Massage

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to make your body lively. You should practise yoga every day in the morning after getting up from your bed. You should know the perfect postures for yoga as it will help to keep your body fit and your mind fresh, thus making you full of energy for the entire day.


Breathe Well

A stressed person can feel fresh and better if he breathes deeply. Deep breathing will not only boost energy but will also help you to stay fresh and healthy. For best results, you should sit down straight, keep the back of your body straight and then count from one to five and inhale slowly. Then hold your breath and count till eight and after that breathe out while you count till 10. You should repeat this 10 times, once in the morning and once during the night.

Breathe in Fresh Air

Take Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy will help you to boost energy to a great extent. Essential oils of lime and peppermint can be used in aromatherapy. You can just add these oils to a bottle, close your eyes for 5-10 minutes and just breathe in the scent. Apart from these you can also spray your room with these essential oils.

Aromatherapy Lavender Bubble Bath

A person can easily feel fresh and energetic by following some natural way apart from having drinks containing caffeine. Thus the above mentioned ways will boost energy in a person and refresh him.