10 Fitness Tips That You Should Follow This Winter

Fitness Tips That You Should Follow This Winter

Getting up in winters can be a big task in itself. Exercising gets out of the question for most of us. But what we forget is that even in winters our body needs exercise. Our physical work reduces and we tend to eat food rich in fat during winters that keeps us warm. This may lead to weight gain, if we miss out on the workout. The weather also sometimes make the mood gloomy and dull. So exercising gets all the more important in winters to maintain your overall health.

There are some ways you can keep yourself fit in winters as well

Skin Protection

If you are going outdoors for work out or otherwise, remember to apply sunscreen. Even in winters the ultra violet rays may damage your skin. Always keep your sunscreen on irrespective of the weather or season.

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Warm Up Indoors

Warm up is essential before any exercise. But in winters, you should warm up indoors before heading outside for exercise. Do some stretching as well. You can go for jumping jack or you can climb up and down stairs. At least warm up for 15 minutes before you go out to workout.

Warming up

Take Stairs

This is a very simple alternative if you do not want to workout in winters. Wherever you can find, opt for stairs instead of escalators or elevators. This will keep you fit and healthy during winters without much effort.


Stay Dry

Try to keep yourself dry in winters after workout. Being wet can cause you to get unwell easily. If you sweat a lot after workout, change into dry clothes immediately. Use clothes that are made of fabric for exercising purposes only.

Stay Dry


Walking can be a good option, if you do not want to indulge in something more physically demanding. Walking will help to keep your heart healthy and also burn calories. Walking is also a great stress buster. According to a study, smiling while you have a walk works great to relieve from stress and depression. If morning walks are not possible, go for evening walks.

Way of walking


What is a better workout than a good swim? Swimming is a wholesome exercise, it keeps you active physically as well as mentally. It involves workout of your whole body muscles and also makes your mood happier. Find an indoor pool and invest at least 15 minutes for a swim.

Swimming Increases Flexibility, Posture And Balance


Yoga is perfect for winter, as it does not require you to be outdoor. It can be performed by children as well. Do a combination of breathing exercises (pranayams) and poses (asanas) for good mental and physical health.

kundilini yoga


Dance is a great workout. It is done indoors and you do not feel like you are exercising. Dance with your children, friends or family. It can be a good family time spent too.


Winter Sports

Play some winter sport like skating, skiing or ice hockey. This can be a great social activity cum workout session. Sports are one of the best ways to stay fit.

Winter Sports

Virtual Reality Sports

There are many games available now a days, on different gaming platforms, that let you play different sports indoors in the comfort of your home. Although they might not be as rigorous as the real sport, they can actually help you to have a good exercise indoors. Workout with fun, what else does one want?

Virtual Reality Sports

Try these tip to keep yourself happy and healthy in chilly and lazy winters.