10 Eyebrow Shapes For Asian women

Eyebrow Shapes For Asian women

All round the World, Asian women are known for their flawless skin, radiant hair and hot bodies along with their innocent yet attractive looks. Eyebrow shapes, being one of the primary highlights of the facial appearance, play a big part in achieving this wonderful reputation. Although there are quite a few options, here we list 10 of best eyebrow shapes that you can try to get that perfect “Asian look”.

Here Are Eyebrow Shapes For Asian women


Asian women often enjoy portraying a very sedate and innocent appearance. This can easily be accomplished by opting for this intricate eyebrow shape that usually starts thicker but ends slightly thinner. Even though a bit difficult to make, the consequent praises it comes with makes you go for it!



Simplicity is often known to bring out the best of a person. The same applies for this eyebrow style also. Most women fancy this look as it makes their face look very attractive and charming at the same time. The simple and thick eyebrows are a part of trending fashion statement among all Asian women and the most remarkable part is it’s not difficult to make either. Even people with thinner or lesser dense eyebrows can pull it off easily with a black eye liner pencil.



The Neat Eyebrows are “in” for teenage girls. This is typically characterized with a thick beginning but starts to thin off gradually after about 3/4th distance along the eyebrow length. This is a simple yet trendy eyebrow style whose wave like appearance will surely fetch a lot of attention and appreciation.

Neat Eyebrows


As the name goes, this one is utterly ideal for you if you want a simple eyebrow that looks just perfect for any occasion and also highlights your facial features too. This style combines slight curve with thick yet end pointed eyebrow shape. It looks perfectly natural on face of any type and can be made easily.

perfect eyebrows

The Pretty Babe

The Pretty Babe Eyebrows is ideal for women with smaller face as it highlights the facial features and gives your face a flattering appearance. Particularly noticeable for its uniform thickness throughout the length of the brows, it gives the person a very simple yet trendy look.

pretty babe eyebrows

Smart And Chic

The Smart and Chic Eyebrows gives the perfect party looks that everyone desires of. Although it’s difficult to pull off by your own and generally requires the help of a make-up professional, you can still give it shot by grabbing onto a black pencil and following some tutorials on YouTube.

smart and chic

Thick Asian

This is almost characteristic of Asian women and also for women who like to be sport with little bit of experimentation with their eyebrows. It’s not just only about being thick, but also about holds a distinctive texture about it.

Thick Asian

Korean Style

The straight and simple shape of the brows provides a neat and flawless look, often typically associated with Korean girls. It basically involves giving the eye brows that extra thick look by applying some liners or pencils. Despite the lack of curve, this eyebrow style still manages to give an astounding look!

korean style

Dark Brown Asian

Although considered a little bit off the chart considering the ethnicity and hair color this is, nevertheless, fun and interesting style to try on. If you want to match your eyebrow color with your beautiful brunette hair, then using a brown pencil instead of black for styling your brows will serve your purpose.

Dark Brown Asian

Curvy Asian

The curvy Asian eyebrows are chic and fantastically fabulous. It gives your face that classy and gorgeous look and puts that extra emphasis on your eyes. If you are searching for the kind of eyebrow style that would put the spotlight on you, don’t wait a while to try this one on!

Curvy Asian

The above mentioned were some of the best styles to pep up the eyebrow shapes and get that alluring Asian eyes! Although some people like playing safe by opting for only that eyebrow shape style that they usually do, or so to say, suits their face, it can be really rewarding as well as adventurous to try out some of these exotic eyebrow styles. You never know you might just find the perfect alternative(s) to your long standing typical eyebrow shape style. The above mentioned eyebrows shapes requires different care. You are lucky enough, if you have such shapes. Otherwise, these shapes can be attained with the help of beautician. After all, life is short and you would not know the better options unless you break your conservations to try the new things.