10 Effective Methods To Combat Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy During pregnancy, most women complain of debilitating back pain. Severe back pain ranks high, among the many physical discomforts a woman has to endure during pregnancy. Stiffness, soreness and pain are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy related back pain. In most cases, back pain starts during the first trimester and lasts till childbirth.

The level of pregnancy related back pain is so intense in some women, that they are unable to carry out their daily tasks and are even incapable of getting good night’s sleep.

Common Reasons for back Pain during Pregnancy

Most pregnant women, in fact nearly seventy percent of all pregnant women, complain of back pain during their pregnancy. The pain which is mostly located in the lower back region can be due to several factors. Some of the common reasons for back pain during pregnancy include increase in hormone levels- particularly a hormone called relaxin which loosens the joints and makes the ligaments stretch- having to bear extra weight, change in the center of gravity and poor posture.

Most women are unaware of the fact that excessive stress can also lead to severe lower back pain during pregnancy.

Combating Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy related back pain is curable. From simple exercises to consciously maintaining a good posture, there are many ways to combat pregnancy related back pain. Some of the effective measures to treat pregnancy related back pain have been discussed below.

Make the Right Choice in Foot Wear

You will have to bid adieu, to those glamorous sky high stilettos for the next nine months. Forget stilettos; don’t even try to wear your favorite kitten heels, if you want to get relief from back pain. The risk of suffering a fall is increased manifold if you wear high heels during pregnancy. Your back is also thrown out of alignment, especially since you have to carry extra weight, when you wear heels. The best choice in foot wear during pregnancy is comfortable flats.

Invest in Good Support Garments

It is extremely important to invest in good support garments during pregnancy, to ease some of the excess pressure off your back. The excess weight which a woman puts on during pregnancy, can put a lot of pressure on her spinal cord. From support belts to shape wear there are many options for giving additional support to the back during pregnancy.

Have a Good Posture

Most pregnant women, unknowingly put a lot of burden on their lower back, by thrusting their lower back forward to counterbalance their growing belly. Poor posture is one of the major causes of debilitating back pain in pregnant women. Make simple exercises like yoga a part of your daily routine; to strengthen your core muscles and in the process improve you posture. A few sessions with a well trained physical therapist, should correct your problem of poor posture.

Never Bend down To Pick up Objects

If you want to pick up some object which has fallen on the ground, make it a point not to bend from the waist. Bending from the waist, may have been an extremely easy thing to do before your pregnancy.

Combat Back Pain During Pregnancy

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But now that you are pregnant ensure that you never bend from the waist, as it can put undue pressure on the lower back. The best way to pick things off the ground is by squatting i.e. lowering you backside and bending your knees. This is one of the best ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

Sign Up For Prenatal Yoga

Many women are signing up for prenatal yoga classes during their pregnancy. The simple exercise postures which are incorporated in this yoga form, not only helps to tone the various muscle groups of the body, but it also helps to strengthen the back muscles as well.  The best feature about prenatal yoga is that, it can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of  pregnant women.  This effective yet gentle workout routine helps to remove muscle soreness and strengthens the lower back.

Participate in Water Exercises

Another safe and effective exercise form, which brings much relief to pregnant women with excessive back pain is water exercise. From swimming to prenatal aqua aerobic classes and some light water jogging exercises, there are many exercises which pregnant women can do in heated pools to relieve some of their back pain.

Indulge Yourself with a Special Pregnancy Massage

One of the best ways to get instant relief from debilitating back pain is to go in for a soothing body massage. Prenatal massages are the rage among pregnant women, because this massage technique helps to reduce back pain a good deal. Besides reducing back pain, the prenatal massage, also helps in reducing general muscle soreness.  Instead of making the pregnant woman lie on her belly, a good massage therapist will make the woman lie on her side and support her belly while massaging her lower back.

Purchase Good Quality Lumbar Support Pillows

If you have planned to work through out your pregnancy, then make it a point to invest in a good lumbar support pillow, to ease some of the back pain which arises from sitting down for lengthy periods of time. A lumbar support pillow helps to ease back pain by keeping your back properly aligned with the rest of the body. Moms to be can buy lumbar pillows from online shops or from medical stores.

Find Comfortable Sleeping Position

It is a known fact, that finding a comfortable sleeping position, with a bulging stomach is an extremely difficult task. Instead of tossing and turning in bed the whole night through, try to find a comfortable position which will help to relieve some of the pressure off your back. The best sleeping position during pregnancy is on the side with a firm pillow placed between the legs.

Take A Warm Water Bath

One of the most effective remedies for severe back pain during pregnancy is to have a relaxing warm water bath. You can either take a warm water shower to relive your pregnancy related back pain, or even immerse yourself in a hot bath for about half an hour. The relief that is provided by warm water for back pain is almost instantaneous.