10 Dream Food To Eat Without Putting On Weight

Dream Food To Eat Without Putting On Weight

You may come across situations when you are eating a lot and yet you are feeling hungry all the time. You want to eat but you also do not want to gain weight. So when you will feel hungry you should have the below mentioned foods as they are considered to be the most filling foods that will help you to reduce your hunger.

These Are Dream Food To Eat Without Putting On Weight


Nuts will keep you satisfied as it contains unsaturated fat along with protein that is healthy. Hence you should include nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews in your every day diet to satisfy your hunger and also not gain weight. You can have them with fruits or salads either in your breakfast or dinner.

Nuts and Seeds


Fish like salmon and tuna which are rich in fats will not only keep you satisfied but will also help you to stay healthy and fit by reducing your body weight and keeping your heart healthy. Thus you should have salmon fish 3 times in a week, in order to have an excellent satisfying meal.

oily fish


Recent surveys suggest that people who eat beans daily stay fuller and also don’t gain weight. This is because beans are the best source of fiber that becomes soluble in our gut forming a substance that causes slowing down of our digestion and helps us to stay fuller for a long time. Hence you should have a cup of beans every day by either making a soup or salad with it.

flageolet beans


You should include apples in your breakfast as it will help you to maintain a low calorie diet due to the presence of rich fiber content in it. You can 2-3 apples every day or you can also drink a glass of apple juice 2-3 times daily.

Nourish Your Skin with Apples


Berries are one such fruits that provide highest fiber to your body. You can make a smoothie with few berries and have it 2 times every day. You can use them as a topping on a salad and thus have it in your breakfast or lunch.



A medium sized potato helps to fill up 15-20% of a person’s every day fiber needs. Hence you should take few potatoes, boil them and roast them and then have them with a sandwich or with a bowl of soup every day.

Potato and the Positive Effects


Yogurt especially greek yogurt is a rich source of protein. You should include yogurt in your diet by having ½ cup of it as a dessert in your lunch. This will fill you up and will thus help to curb your hunger for the next few hours or more.

Curd And Yogurt


Avocados are rich in fiber and thus including a half avocado in your lunch will help you to not even feel hungry for the next 4-5 hours. You should include avocado to your regular diet by making an omelette and adding few avocado slices to it you can also add it to a piece of sandwich or a bowl of salads and then have it either in your breakfast or dinner.



Eggs being rich in protein, you can include them either in your breakfast or lunch or dinner. Researchers suggest that a woman who eats eggs in her breakfast feels less hungry for the entire day. This is because a high protein rich breakfast makes you feel full for a long a hour and hence does not make you feel hungry. Hence you can include eggs in your breakfast by having an omelette or egg sandwich or scrambled eggs.

eggs Soup

You can make a soup with vegetables that are rich in fiber or with protein rich chicken in order to feel full but stay low on calories. Hence you can make a soup with vegetables like broccoli or a chicken noodle soup and have it in between your breakfast and lunch in order to satisfy your hunger for a long time.

Balinese Vegetable Soup

A person who feels hungry all the time should follow the above mentioned diet in order to stay full for a long time and also not gain extra weight. Thus a filling meal will help you to stay healthy and thus curb your hunger too.