10 Dangerous Health Lies You Need To Avoid

Dangerous Health Lies You Need To Avoid

We all know the importance of eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise for improving our health. Some people are well aware of dangers of eating fatty foods that cause weight gain. Still then, they cheat sometimes and eat unhealthy foods that contain fat and sugar. Some others eat street food and junk food despite knowing its health dangers. Even if we know that something is not good for our health, we still so that thing believing that it will not harm us. In fact, we lie to ourselves about health habits we ought to follow. We will tell you about some health lies that need to be avoided.

Following are the dangerous health lies you tell yourself

Not Eating A Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is very important for our health. Some people neglect this and take an unhealthy diet. It is a lie to believe that taking just one fruit or vegetable is enough. Some people don’t eat fruits and vegetables at all thinking that it is okay.

Healthy diet

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Every person needs minimum 8 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep can cause many types of health problems. Many people sleep for five or six hours and think that it is okay to do so. Some sleep for even less time. Thinking that less sleep okay is a very big health lies.

Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

Not Fighting Genetic Obesity

Many obese people don’t want to take efforts to lose weight saying that obesity is a genetic problem that runs in the family. This is a false excuse for not eating right and avoiding exercises. Healthy lifestyle habits can prevent even genetic obesity so don’t tell this lies.


Eating Brown Bread

Most of us believe that whole grains are healthy for us. Thinking that brown bread made of wheat is healthy is a lie. The fact is that the glycemic index of such foods is very high, which increases the risk of diabetes as it increases the blood sugar levels.

Whole Wheat Bread

Missing The Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important to protect the skin from UV rays of sunlight. Sun exposure causes skin problems including skin cancer. Often, people give the excuse that they don’t need sunscreen as they remain indoors all the time. The fact is that sunscreen should be applied indoors also.

Apply Sunscreen Under Your Eyes

Avoiding Exercises

Despite knowing the importance of having a slim body, some people make the excuse that they lack time for doing exercises or other weight loss methods. Some even go further and say that they lack money for this. This is not true. Weight loss doesn’t need much time or money.

Lower Body Exercise

Taking OTC Supplements

Many people take OTC supplements bought from medicine shops without consulting a doctor. Thinking that over-the-counter pills are safe and not telling the doctor about it can be dangerous. Taking the OTC supplements to be safe is a big lie.

Vitamin Supplements

Eating Gluten Free Bread

Wheat allergic people who have gluten intolerance often eat gluten free bread thinking that is safe for health. The fact is that even gluten free bread can cause diabetes due to its high glycemic index. The bread also contain arsenic in it.

Eating Gluten Free Bread

Smoking Only Sometimes

We all know that smoking is very bad for health. Still some people think that smoking just only sometimes with friends or smoking just only two or three cigarettes is accepted and that won’t cause any harm. This is a big lie. Smoking is harmful even if it is done sparingly or less.


Taking Alcohol Only Sometimes

Just like smoking, alcohol is another bad addiction for most men. Despite knowing its health dangers, people are not ready to quit the habit. Some people believe that drinking sometimes or at weekends is acceptable and it is not harmful. This is not true. Alcohol is dangerous in moderate amounts also.

Alcohol Remedy