10 Common Dental Problems Your Child May Suffer


Oral care is best initiated and inculcated into a child from an early stage of growth so that they are not prone to getting affected by the various tooth disorders as they grow up. However, sometimes the problems go misunderstood and thus to make things easy we have come up with the common dental issues kids face.

Some Of The Common Dental Problems In Children Are Discussed Below

Tooth Decay Or Caries

Tooth decay also known as caries is a common dental issue seen in kids as well as in adults. However, it is pretty much curable but happens due to certain kinds of bacteria present in the mouth which initiates this deadly process. This decay is instigated more when the children are subjected to having food rich in carbohydrates such as cookies, fruit juices, candies and fruit lollypops which leaves a deposit on the teeth surface. Other food substances which have a similar impact are starches like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. These food deposits react with the bacterias in the mouth to form plaque and which in turn forms acids which is effective in damaging the minerals present on the teeth which results into tooth decay.


Thumb Sucking

This takes place mostly in the children when they have the habit of sucking onto their thumbs even after they have crossed the age of five. This is due to the fact that it is the time when the permanent teeth start forming and thumb sucking at this point leads to issues such as badly formed mouth roof, over bites, and jaw misalignment too. Due to this habit issues of speech impairment can take place as well in children.

thumb sucking

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This dental problem is prevalent among the small kids and especially the toddlers who are regularly fed on milk bottles and is known as baby bottle tooth decay issue. This concern usually develops due to the overexposure of dairy products, drinks high on sugar and fruit juices which lead to decay in the tooth pretty early on itself. Thus, the more the kid is exposed to such drinks more are the chances of them having this decay issue over the period of time.

baby bottle

Tongue Thrusting

This issue comes to the fore when the child swallows any drink or food substance with the help of thrusting the tip of the tongue against their lips. This leads to a pressure imposed on the teeth causing them to deform the alignment and also may result into an overbite as well. Tongue thrusting may also lead to speech impairment issues for the kid in the future and thus should be prevented by every means.



Grinding also termed as bruxism is generally an involuntary habit in children and is a pretty common scenario during the child’s growth phase. Even though most of the children stop this habit at any early age, some who do not actually leads them to issues which wear the permanent teeth causing muscular as well as dental pain too.


Gum Diseases

Another issue found in kids and adults alike is the concern of gum problems also known as gingivitis which is actually a gum tissue inflammation usually caused by lack of proper oral hygiene and accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface, all of which leads to graver concerns like bone damage and even loss of tooth in the longer run. The symptoms of having gum issues can be found when the gums bleed or get inflammated or reddened and can be prevented at the bud by brushing twice daily and flushing properly too.


Bad Breath

This is another issue which shows its presence in both children and adults and usually takes place primarily due to a bad oral and dental routine. Bad breath can also be caused due to accumulation of bacteria on the tongue, cavities, dry mouth and even gum diseases. Thus in order to prevent this issue the oral hygiene needs to be followed by the kids and the parents should inculcate the values to the child early on in their lives.


Over Retained Baby Teeth

This happens when a permanent tooth is trying to grow where a baby teeth is still taking its place! This issue definitely requires dental attention where the primary teeth needs to be surgically removed and if not done at the early stage actually becomes a problem later on.


Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth can start growing at an early age or even after a person is pretty grown up and is pretty painful when it is growing as well. Thus medical attention is a total necessity at that point to check if the growth is normal and there are no traces of infections and swelling which may be caused due to a range of circumstances.


Orthodontic Issues

This happens in kids when a bite does not take place in the proper way also termed as a malocclusion and is mostly acquired or inherited as well. Some of the reasons why this malocclusion takes place is due to the lack of a tooth, crowded teeth, an extra tooth and even misaligned jaw structure too! This issue might also be the side effect of over exposure to thumb sucking and finger sucking in kids as well.