10 Beauty Tricks To Get Natural Look

10 Beauty Tricks To Get  Natural Look

Healthy skin and absence of problems like acne, spots and wrinkles helps in making the face look beautiful. Women use a lot of cosmetics and beauty products to improve their looks and beauty. These products act externally on the skin without healing the skin from inside. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin. Using too much of artificial products gives an unnatural fake look. Instead of just depending on cosmetics, you should try to get natural look. Some makeup and beauty tricks help in getting natural look with a beautiful and glowing face. We will tell you about some tricks here. Following are the top 10 beauty tricks that help in getting a natural look.

Use Moisturizer And Sunscreen

You can get healthy beautiful skin by applying moisturizer or hydrating lotion on face every day. Take bath and apply the moisturizer immediately. Use a high SPF sunscreen to prevent sun damage. Avoid going out during the hottest time of the day from 10 am to 2 pm.

Use Medical Moisturizers

Use Grapes And Tea Tree Oil

Grapes help in exfoliating the skin naturally. Rub chopped grapes on face and do gentle massage. It will clean the skin and remove dead cells. Use tea tree oil for curing blemishes. Apply the oil on affected areas. It will heal the blemishes.

Tea Tree Oil

Choose The Right Foundation

Choose the right base for makeup according to your skin type. Foundations and products that don’t have oil are suitable for oily skin types. On the other hand, women with dry skin should use foundations that have hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. It will be better if you use tinted creams.


Choose The Right Blush

Blush helps in making the face look beautiful and glowing. Choose the right blush shade according to your skin type. Avoid using brown shades of blush, which looks very muddy. Pinch the cheeks as if you are blushing. Match the skin color with blush shade. Apply the blush high on cheekbones.


Use The Right Eye Shadows And Eyeliners

Eye shadows and eyeliners help in improving the beauty of eyes. The color of eye shadow should not be lighter than the color of hair. It should be darker than the hair. Even the color of eyeliner should not be lighter than the eyes. Choose dark colored eyeliner.

eyeshadow and eyeliner

Use Eyelash Curler

Make the eyelashes look beautiful by using an eyelash curler. Curl the eyelashes in upward direction. Apply mascara after curling the eyelashes. Brush the eyelashes with a fine comb after using the mascara. Apply another mascara coat after that.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Use Highlighter

Using the right highlighter according to skin type will enhance the beauty. The look of face can be spoilt by using the wrong product. Choose a highlighter that gives a glowing look. You should apply highlighter high on cheeks.

Choosing the right foundation

Lip Care

Lip care is important for getting soft and beautiful lips. Dip cloth in warm water. Use it for rubbing the lips before sleeping at night. Apply lip balm after that. Use a high quality lipstick. Use a natural lipstick shade in daytime and use a red lipstick for evenings. Dark colored lipsticks are good for evening time.

Trick To Make The Lipstick Stay

Use Concealer

A concealer helps in hiding the imperfections and problems areas of the skin. Use it after applying face cream. Apply the concealer on parts of face that are affected by problems like pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and dark circles. Choose concealers that don’t dry the skin.

Inappropriate Concealer

Hair Care

Dry hair can be treated with mask that contains hydrating ingredients. Prepare hair mask with olive oil. Apply it on hair for some time and then wash off with water. Use sulfate shampoos for colored hair. It will make the hair beautiful.

Healthy Hair