10 Absolutely Delicious Chicken Rigatoni Recipes

Delicious Chicken Rigatoni Recipes

Nothing can be more finger licking than the soft creamy taste of chicken rigatoni. While you snap your fingers thinking about ideas, here are 10 different variations of making the chicken rigatoni taste mind boggling

1: Chicken Rigatoni with Italian sauces:

Chicken Rigatoni with Italian sauces

The Italian twisted dish need 2 cups of Italian dressing sauce, boneless chicken breast, parmesan cheese, Italian herbs , uncooked rigatoni with parsley to garnish

2: Red Pepper infused Spicy Rigatoni Chicken:

Red Pepper infused Spicy Rigatoni Chicken

While spicy needs no instruction, the dish includes crushed red pepper with marinara and alfredo sauce, with hint of garlic, pepper, peas with chicken and 1 lb of cooked rigatoni.

3: Chicken Rigatoni with creamy mushrooms:

Chicken Rigatoni with creamy mushrooms

The dish encapsulates the flavours of thyme, garlic, fresh sage with tanginess of tomato puree. While cooked in extra virgin olive oil the chicken and mushroom roasted brown need a load of cream to make it soft and yummy.

4: Creamy Chicken Rigatoni:

Creamy Chicken Rigatoni

While the look dominated by loads of whip cream and parmesan cheese may look delicious, the hint of colour with red bell pepper, broccoli and tomatoes perfects the dish.  You will notice the flavouring is just not creamy but slightly pungent with dried basil leaves, oregano and crushed black pepper.

5: Summer cooked Chicken Rigatoni with veggies:

Summer cooked Chicken Rigatoni with veggies

While the green and red of peas and tomatoes are the showstopper, the taste of parmigiano reggiano cheese is pretty vigilant. The veggies stir fried prior to plating is a good idea to let them remain crunchy than soggy.

6: Chicken Rigatoni with Mushroom and Broccoli sauce:

Chicken Rigatoni with Mushroom and Broccoli sauce

A blend of roast chicken with cooked rigatoni parched with creamy broccoli and mashed mushroom white sauce is enough a reason to dig in.  The ripe cloves of garlic with brown burnt onions just added the missing flavour to this savoury main course speciality.

7: Pull Chicken Ragu and Rigatoni:

Pull Chicken Ragu and Rigatoni

With chicken thighs and skinned breast hot soaked in chopped carrots, celery and bay leaves is quite a tastemaker for that simmered chicken. While you may have loved the flavours of the tomato, bay leaves and onions, how about tasting some chewy pancetta? Not bacon the blend of a new meat quite hypes the taste of the chicken rigatoni.

8: Baked Cheesy Chicken Rigatoni:

Baked Cheesy Chicken Rigatoni

Though everyone loves it cooked or fried, we also love it baked. The cheese loaded chicken rigatoni needs no introduction on how the merge of flat skimmed milk, mozzarella cheese perfects the white sauces, the baked slightly burnt opening just creates an amazing drama around.

9: Grilled Chicken Rigatoni:

Grilled Chicken Rigatoni

Better baked and grilled the dish needs you to start from zero. While every element is cooked differently, it just makes it one big masterpiece. Mixing three different cheeses together that is parmesan, asiago, romano, the white sauce is sure short a no brainer. But besides the garlic onion, black pepper, partially cooked rigatoni and grilled chicken you will find flavours of nutmeg and cayenne when baked totally.

10: Sweet Chicken Rigatoni:

Sweet Chicken Rigatoni

Made differently with alfresco sweet Italian chicken sausage the rigatoni just burst with flavours of sweet and savoury with the blend of green peppers. Adding the creamy element is the parmesan cheese which when cooked in the family style pot extends its smooth flavour to the dish.

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